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Gain muscle fast, lose weight responsibly, eat right and have fun!

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Sweaty and Feeling Accomplished! Just Gotta “Keep Working”

Robert Zuniga here with an update on my fitness journal.

Three parts: Inspiration, Exercise of the Day and Nutrition News..

I am grateful today for the chance to exercise my body and clear my mind…

I just need to show up and press play….

T25 – 25 minutes

PiYo – 19 minutes

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Keep Working-from “Do the Work!” by Steven Pressfield

“Stephen King has confessed that he works every day. Fourth of July, his birthday, Christmas.

I Love that. Particularly at this stage-what Seth Godin calls “thrashing” (a very evocative term)-momentum is everything. Keep it going.

How much time can you spare each day?

For that interval, close the door and-short of family emergency or the outbreak of World War III-don’t let ANYBODY in.

Keep Working. Keep Working.

Keep Working”

-“Do the Work!” by Steven Pressfield

Just the inspiration I need today!

At this point in the day…it’s all mental.

I’m home, the family is doing their thing. I have time….

No commute means change clothes and go and push play!

“Keep Working!”

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piyo-lower body-t25-rip't circuit-I am in between Body Beast cycles and am giving my body a rest by doing other Beachbody programs.

Today I am doing two programs: Focus T25 Beta Rip’t Circuit and PiYo Lower Body

-getting my cardio and stretching, flexibility done.

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beachbody shakeology2 300x168 Suspend All Self Judgement Focus T25 Speed 3.0 PiYo Upper Body Robert Zuniga Shakeology…..our entire family has at least on serving a day…it simply makes sense to take advantage of this meal supplement whether you exercise or not…



= That’s it for today…..

Just -Start – Your Future Self  will thank you for it!icon smile Suspend All Self Judgement Focus T25 Speed 3.0 PiYo Upper Body Robert Zuniga

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If you are a stay at home mom or a stay at home dad or a parent with lots of family schedules to manage…

then this 21st Century solution will help you find time to exercise.

Commit to losing weight, gaining muscle, eating nutritionally and make it an irreversible choice….you’ll be happier!

For our family, beachbody programs offer the fun exercise programs and an emphasis on nutrition with the Shakeology.

We invite you to join us as we encourage each other to reach our fitness goals through support and accountability… it’s more fun being a part of a team…

The Recipe for Success:

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1. Click on the link and select a challenge pack,

2. Contact me

3. Let’s get started!

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