Fitness Solution for Stay at Home Moms and Dads [Fitness Tips And Trends]

There is so much to do….and so little time to do it….

There is a never ending to-do list for stay at home moms and dads….and the reason is because it is almost impossible to dedicate time and focus on just one thing….lose weight-stay-at-home-mom

…if your child is an infant…

…if your child is a toddler…

…even if your child is a preschooler or in high-school..

Our little ones want and need attention when they want and need attention, isn’t that the point of being available?

Feeding, changing, playing, crying, laughing, exploring, sleeping, talking….it happens when it happens….especially if you have a special needs child.

And we haven’t even discussed your partner…..another discussion at another time….

I feel you…..

Every day starts with providing love, support and availablility to everyone in the house … except you.

There are always good intention and sometimes it does work out that the day goes by just as you imagined it would….sometimes…

let’s be real….

the typical day is not typical…

gain muscle-stay-at-home-dadI’m talking about You being good to You!

There is an endless number of reasons and excuses that creep into your head and over time become obstacles to your physical and mental health….

One of the easiest ways to start the process of personal transformation to a better you is to exercise….and eat nutritionally….

Combined, exercise and good nutrition habits provide the foundation to giving you the confidence to regain control of who you are…..

Sounds simple enough….until you start falling into old habits of caring for everyone at the expense of your time, emotions and energy…..

Like I said….I feel you….

The best possible support you can get is from people who understand the transformation you seek and are committed to living a fitness lifestyle.

The best possible exercise program is one that you can do when you have the time at home. This is critical because you don’t need another burden on your time management challenges.

I have found Beachbody to have solutions….

Exercise programs that fit the needs and challenges of most people who are a stay at home parent.

It just makes more sense that you’ll have the 20 or 30 minutes when you take advantage of a nap time or play time or even while the food is in the oven …. it can happen.

In fact, I believe it starts the process of teaching your little ones and family that a fitness lifestyle is important…and you provide the activity for them to see that it is possible and it does work…

Our team is dedicated to living a fitness lifestyle…and we are here to help you get started and succeed at transforming you so your confidence in who you are becomes undeniable…

Next Steps …...

We invite you to join us as we encourage each other to reach our fitness goals through support and accountability… it’s more fun being a part of a team…

Here’s the Recipe for Success:

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1. Click on the link and select a challenge pack,

2. Contact me

3. Let’s get started!

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