Robert Zuniga finishes Beachbody BodyBeast Lean Cycle 3 [Fitness Tips And Trends] [Charlotte NC]

Davidson, NC (just north of Charlotte, NC)

I started the 3rd cycle of BodyBeast back in mid-July and am happy to share that I’ve completed it!



My goal is to build strength and endurance….I want to be able to participate in any activity my wife and our two teenage boys want to do….swim, hike, workout, run, play ….

My older son was on board to go through the program with me and we held each other accountable, even on our vacation trips…


BodyBeast Lean – New Orleans hotel


Robert Zuniga – Trinidad


Maya and the boys – Trinidad

and yes….there are roadside temptations that proved irresistible….


We continued to push play, modified our diets, drank shakeology and a lot of water


…and ate a lot of homemade Thai Spring Rolls


We also supplemented with BodyBeast Challenge Pack powders ….

It’s been a great time sharing and educating each other about living a fitness lifestyle….

BodyBeast-charlotte-We keep pushing playing….everyday….and sometimes added Focus T25 for a cardio-burn…


work it

And we had some fun … here we are zip lining and rappelling near the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina…





This simply would not be possible if we felt uncomfortable with exercising….we all enjoyed the ease of the day….considering this was a “rest day”.

I feel the difference everyday…when I sleep better, I am more energetic, my back doesn’t “go out” anymore and I am in more control of my fitness and health…


Yes….this is me …. before/transforming … feeling stronger and healthier…it’s a journey…

The best part about our experience with BodyBeast and Focus T25 …. is that it is “our family’s experience”…. we all participated on a daily basis, we all supported each other and we all benefited from our fitness lifestyle…

For our family, beachbody programs offer the fun exercise programs and an emphasis on nutrition with the Shakeology.

Next Steps …...

We invite you to join us as we encourage each other to reach our fitness goals through support and accountability… it’s more fun being a part of a team…

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1. Click on the link and select a challenge pack,

2. Contact me

3. Let’s get started!

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