Do You Floss? [Fitness Tips and Trends]

We all get asked this question at the dentist office right after they ask  how often we brush Robert-Zuniga-floss-dailyour teeth….

Do You Floss?

I have my gum flavored floss at hand….

Everyone knows that you need to do this to keep all your teeth in life….

But do you do it?

My motivation comes from how both my parents did not have all their teeth when older.

In fact, due to a childhood illness, my mother did not have the luxury of her own teeth for most of her adult life.

So if you can’f find the two minutes to floss your teeth every night…..

How can you hold yourself to exercising on a consistent daily basis?

Join our family and have the team to hold you accountable and help support your fitness goals….

That’s what we do….

Make an excuse to succeed and join our team of dedicated regular people looking to live a fitness lifestyle…

Here’s the Recipe for Success:

1. Click on the link and select a challenge pack,

2. Contact me

3. Let’s get started!

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