Are You Taking Care of “You”?


It’s Robert at Fitness Tips and Trends dot com and I want to ask you a simple question….

Are You Taking Care of You?

Today at 52 .. I am 180 pounds and 5’11”.

I exercise and eat so I get leaner and stronger everyday.Charlotte Fitness Tips Trends

…My win today

I’ve finished a round of the Body Beast Challenge at home while using Shakeology and am very happy with the results!

Before starting the program, I’ve been stuck for the last few months at 185

…and while at 5’11″… it’s a good weight.

I wanted to get stronger, build more muscle and lose belly fat….

So 84 days ago I started the Body Beast Challenge that includes Shakeology.

Since my goal was to get stronger, build more muscle and lose belly fat

…I chose the Body Beast-Lean Schedule.

What’s great is that my body responded to consistently “pushing play” at home, eating right, drinking ShakeologyÆ and sleeping better.
A quick 84 days later and I’m at 180 pounds.

I lost 5 pounds and yet I gained more muscle!

Yes, the Body Beast lean program works!
Check out my pictures showing my gains over the last few years

robert-zuniga-boy beast Robert Zuniga-Before-After

..for me..this is another important step in the right direction to a fitness lifestyle.

So What’s next?

Join me!

Beachbody-Challenge-Pack-Fitness Tips Trends
Pick a Challenge Pack and let’s do this together.

I am an active Beachbody Coach and am committed to helping you hold yourself accountable to your goals

…accountability coaching at no cost!

Living a Fitness Lifestyle is a process and while the Body Beast Challenge Pack, the Focus T25 Challenge Pack, the P90X3 Challenge Pack, the Insanity Challenge Pack or the other BeachBody Challenge Packs have a beginning and an end..

Living a Fitness Lifestyle continues..

I’ve completed Insanity, P90x and Body Beast twice.

My wife Maya and younger son are currently doing the Focus T25 challenge and they enjoy the routines, especially the 25 minute time commitment.
Now, I like the Body BeastÆ program and really like the way my body has responded.

I am going to do another round with my older teenage son…a great activity where we support each other.

He wants to bulk up, I want to continue to lean out…

Same program, 2 schedules are included in the program!

What about you?

There are some Challenge Packs on special through the end of the month.

Listen…Do Something Your Future Self Will Thank You For!

Pick out a program, give me a call, txt me or email me and I’ll help you get started.

I believe in you

I know you can do this

.. at 52 …I’m doing it!

Do you believe in you too?

Our Formula for Success is easy

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = Success…Oh and You!
Make Today, the day you take that first step to really taking care of you.

Beachbody-Challenge-Pack-Fitness Tips Trends

Do 3 things..

1. Pick out a challenge program

2. Contact me to get your order in and setup for success and

3. let’s get started on your fitness lifestyle…

This is Robert sharing some fitness tips and trends…the time to start is now……so pick out a challenge pack and give me a call so we can get you on your fitness lifestyle path…you owe it to yourself

Robert Zuniga 919-234-7599

Email – robertzuniga ‘at’

Join me!

Beachbody-Challenge-Pack-Fitness Tips Trends
Pick a Challenge Pack and let’s do this together.



Give me a call: Robert 919-234-7599 and make sure you get the right program that will work for you!

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