Do You Exercise? …. Why Beachbody?

I joined Beachbody® because My family is the most important part of my life…

I was looking for a quality exercise program we could all use…an exercise program that works with us … not against us.

Living a healthy lifestyle is important to our family…we are involved every day in preventive health care activities.

Our family (two sons, my wife and me) has spent thousands of dollars over the years on all types of structured exercise programs.

From the time the boys could walk…we enrolled them in our local community center gymnastics program.

And from there, they were part of a boys’ gymnastics program for 7 years as well as martial arts for 9 years…… in addition to occasional soccer games and basketball games.

Along the way, in the last 5 years or so, my wife and I joined the parents’ class doing Cross fit-Kickboxing type exercises and enjoyed letting the boys see how much fun and important exercise can be…

they waited for us after their sessions….

Like I said…we’ve spent thousands of dollars on structured exercise programs.

And in addition… a lot of time …..shuttling back and forth and waiting….lots of waiting…..

charlotte-nc-fitness tips-trendsI’ve read a lot of books over the years while the boys were exercising….

In fact, there was a point where we were spending most of every weekday night at some program.

Thankfully, the boys’ successfully managed their time between school and exercise well.

What I learned over the years is a couple things…

A great coach may not be a great business owner or a great nutritionist.

In fact, if you stop paying…the program is over…the interest in your success is gone….

A great business owner may not be a great coach or a great nutritionist…

It’s all about the bottom line and whether you’re a paying client…or not.

There is seldom a nutrition program or good nutritional information in many local exercise programs.

It’s a fact that nutrition is a critically important in successful exercise program.

It took me a few years…. And I realized what was going on……

As much as I trusted the many coaches and exercise programs we were involved with….


We were the client they wanted most…..

Slow to learn …. Slow progress …. Trusting …..

This kept us going back…yes, gaining endurance …. Yet our bodies had little to show our progress.

The joke I’ve learned that coaches tell each other, even though they train you for success is…

“My ideal client is slow to learn and has deep pockets…..”

When it comes to exercise programs and being physically fit ….I may be slow….I definitely do not have deep pockets….

I joined Beachbody® because my family is the most important part of my life…

I was looking for a quality exercise program we could all use… an exercise program that works with us … not against us.

I’m happy I joined Beachbody® because I am having great success with feeling good as well as looking good.

I am in better control over my exercise program and nutrition than before I started.


And most of all I am happy I joined Beachbody® because everyone in my family participates in exercising and holding each other accountable to our goals….

while having fun!

Our household is an active household… wife works crazy hours during the week, one son is in middle school and the other is in high school and I have a home-based business that demands discipline and strict time management.

Using the Beachbody® exercise programs lets us be in control of our daily workout…

And that really is the key for success in our family…..we control when our daily workout happens…
as long as it happens!

The bonus of a great nutritional supplement, Shakeology®, makes sure we are getting the food we need to be and see successful results…

fitness-trends-beachbody-shakeology-davidson-ncWe’ve tried a number of the Shakeology® flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry and Green Berry…usually having one in the morning to start our day right…. having a good nutritional breakfast.

So yes, I’m happy I joined Beachbody®
I am having great success
I am feeling good
I am looking good.
I am in better control over my exercise program and nutrition than before I started.

Because of my Beachbody® business, I hope to take advantage of the opportunity to be able to accomplish three things….

1. I want to be able to share the exercise programs that work for us to people interested in making
a change to live a healthier lifestyle … Beachbody® has great tools, a whole menu of exercise programs
to choose from and a great support system where I can contribute.

2. I like having people in my life who are motivated and actively work to better themselves and those around them….it matters …. Beachbody® …. they get that …. I get that …. it works for me to spend time and commit to living the example…living the dream ….

3. Initially, I want to create an income stream to pay for all of the health related activities that our family is involved. I am an Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner….A basic step in developing total financial control is to quickly capitalize your business…

With Beachbody, I can capitalize this business by having the income exceed expenses as fitness-tips-trends-charlotte-nc-robert-zunigawell as cover theh very small initial investment cost.
Once this is done I can funnel all money generated into my family bank.

I am essentially monetizing my fitness program to benefit my family….

So to recap….

Our family uses Beachbody exercise programs and supplements to exercise and gain nutritionally.

We have total control over the exercise programs to use and total control of when to do the program making sure everyone can participates every day.

and we are moving closer to our life being a business and our business our life…moving closer to total financial control and making our family banking system work better.

This is Robert Zuniga, founder of …and an independent beachbody coach..

Our family encourages you to start an exersices program today…be the example for your family and loved ones by committing to live a healthy lifestyle…

get started today….now..on your path to healthy living…

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(c) 2014 All Rights Reserved Robert Zuniga

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